This blog has gone through several face lifts. In its first incarnation way back in 2004-2005, this blog was called "From the Mind of a Twit," featuring anything and everything under the sun -- from movies to anime to cases and notes and movies, including everyday happenings of the blogger. 

Then, that old blog was deleted, for reasons known only to the blogger. It was replaced by a new one, called "Just Desert (From the Mind of a Twit Version 2)" with the same URL. 

The archives of version 2 is retained by this new blog, now called "The Complete Substitute for All Forms of Sociability (From the Mind of a Twit Version 3)." The title is borrowed from Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse, a book that the blogger likes to read again and again.

The blogger is not sure yet what tangent this new version of the blog is going to take. But she hopes you will stay on and journey with her as she navigates this strange and beautiful thing called life.

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