Last night, I had dinner with my uncle and a whole bunch of people from his extended family. My godmother is home from the US and good familial decorum dictates that I stuff my face with food show my face at the dinner table for an hour or so. Naturally, one of the topics of conversation is the Bar Exam. The fact that I'm a bar reviewee defines me at the moment. It's like people introduce me and go like, "This is (insert nickname here). She's reviewing for the bar." And horror of horrors that's also how I answer when random people from the past ask me how I'm doing.

Somebody, shoot me in the foot, quick!

In other news:
"I come from Planet Sparkle. After I evolve, I will kill you all." ~ Trunkfish (from here)

Too funny not to post.

Now I've got my older cousin posting a message from my other uncle on my Facebook wall, saying that I have to "become a lawyer, a real lawyer" (yes, commas and all). Read a little differently with a little bit of accent, that sounds vaguely threatening.

I come from Planet Sparkle!

Expositions aside, I have to go kill my brain now.

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