Not to talk about Cory Aquino's passing away (bless her soul), or the recent gimmicks of politicians vying for next year's national elections, or the constant flooding in Manila (that actually worries me a little bit), or even the Bar Exam. Let's talk FANGIRL ♥ ~

I know I said that this would be my writing blog, and yeah, pretty much this is still my writing blog. But also, this is going to be my personal interest blog as well. You know, as opposed to a personal blog. Nothing important. Just random three o' clock ramblings and some fangirling, too. Speaking of which, I'm in fangirl mode right now and I feel like indulging myself.

The object of my current fascination is Takenouchi Yutaka, or more particularly the character he plays (Nodate Shinjiro) in Boss. He's soooo fine. Of course, it helps that the actor is YUMMY. I especially love Nodate's interactions with Osawa Eriko, the character played by The Queen's Classroom star, Amami Yuki. I reviewed that drama in my team blog (with vatski) at Bijou Flicks.

Anyhoo, whenever Nodate and Eriko appear on screen together, no matter how rare and how short, the scene just crackles -- not with sexual tension, mind you, because the characters are completely platonic, but with something that I can't quite put my finger on. Their dialogue is often flippant and superficial but also gives you the sense that these two go way back, like they're laughing at some private joke or something. One thing is for sure, Takenouchi and Amami have chemistry together.

(Japan, please, please, make a movie or a drama with Takenouchi Yutaka and Amami Yuki together! In exchange, I'll give you my soul. No, wait, I already sold that for a new laptop. Just anything!)

Boss finished airing in June. It's currently being subbed up to episode 10 by TimelesSub. There are only 11 episodes of one hour each, but I think there's going to be a second season or maybe even a special because the show is extremely popular in its home country. The show itself isn't something to write home about. Boss is a very generic, detective/crime drama with the usual criminal-a-week storytelling approach. It's main draw is its ensemble cast of good-looking actors/actresses. The sometimes smart script and the stylish editing (novel at first but gets old after a couple of episodes) make the show a good -- but by far not the best -- way to get rid of boredom.

Hmm, maybe after the Bar, I'll give this show a proper review. Not here. At Bijou Flicks. In the meantime, I leave you with these:

The Memorable 238th Event
Summer, Rush to Nodate-kon!
The Red-hot Encounter

Eriko x Nodate is SECKS not-canon love ~

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