What if all this time you've been praying to this nonexistent entity fabricated long ago by people who frightened too much and understood too little?

What if the one thing you've been taught -- nay, indoctrinated since birth -- to believe as the only truth was a lie?

What if there was nothing out there who is bigger than you and that you are responsible for EVERYTHING...and nothing?

What if...?

To keep your mind open to things you would otherwise reject because of your upbringing and acquired prejudices. To wonder.

But I wish it wasn't at the cost of so much interior erosion.
I wonder.
I'm curious.
But I'm taking baby steps.
A sudden gust of wind could blow and close the door behind forever.

If I can't go back, will I go forward? Trudge on.
Or will I stay put? Afraid to move a single inch.

What if it were my last day on earth?
What if, a long time ago, I dreamed up this life?

Then I should know what's on the other side.
I am not afraid.

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