So I finally had my ears checked by an EENT specialist. For a while I've been suffering from mild deafness. At first, it was just my left ear and then my right ear went about two months ago. It took me this long because I'm a lazy idiot. The first thing the doctor asked me was whether or not I'm suffering from a cold. I'm like, my problem is with my ears, why are you asking me about my nose? I've got sinusitis, or so I thought. It turns out it's allergic rhinitis -- I am extremely allergic to dust and animal hairs. So all my life I've grown up with pets and all my life I've suffered from a stuffy nose. No small wonder. I am allergic. And here I thought I was ridiculously healthy. Long story short, I can hear crystal now -- as in, if I turn on the faucet, I can almost hear each individual water drop. So cool.

In other news, I should tell you that I rarely get worked up over things. If I do, I usually keep my mouth shut. See, there's no use talking about it and getting all in a temper when the thing you're worked up about is out of your hands. But even my general apathy has its limits.

Yo, stupid MARINA people. The problem is not whether our ships have the latest in GPS technology. No matter how good the technology is, no matter how state of the art, if the captain and his equally idiotic crewmen cannot follow simple rules of the road, SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN. Get that?

Now, for another --

GSIS, no one is falling for your crap. If what you're experiencing now is really a technical problem, how come it's run on for months and months? Not even the most devastating computer glitches can last that long. The hardest part about fixing something is troubleshooting. So you know the problem, now FIX IT! And don't give us more crap about having "temporary and permanent solutions." Really? Temporary and permanent? I've never heard of anything more preposterous.

K, bye.

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