1. Take up running. I guess I'll start by doing short morning jogs at the Cebu City Sports Complex...next month because January is Sinulog month.

2. Speaking of which, I'm going to watch the Sinulog festival this year at the same venue. I'm not going to brave the streets though.

3. Learn to drive. I think I'm going to take driving lessons though instead of ask my Dad to teach me.

4. Get a passport. I don't have one, waaahhh ~

5. Update Excursus. I am going to update my blogs anyway so I might as well include the website.

6. Finish coloring the first chapter of Brilliant at 3:00 a.m. I was going to finish it over the break but I got waylaid by holiday stuff and the usual chores. Will finish it this week, if circumstances permit. There's a wedding coming up and I'm trying not to go (read: desperately looking for a valid excuse).

7. Exercise more. I really need it because I still eat the same even as my metabolism is no longer up to par.

8. Paint our old parish church in Moalboal. 150 years old and counting. Of course, it's just a facade now and an old bell tower but still pretty the way quaint things are sometimes pretty when the original material ages well.

9. Pick up translation again? Not sure but if I can find the time between the webcomic and the blogs, then I might. Anyway, I'm halfway done with the translation for Chapter 29 of Houpin Xiao Shiyi Lang.

10. Visit a foreign country. My mother said something of the sort during Christmas break but she's the kind who likes to plan things but doesn't necessarily follow through them (my, I wonder who this reminds me of). Hongkong is the chosen destination although I want to see Singapore, too, and ride an elephant in Thailand.

That's it. Originally, I was planning to take a vow of silence but obviously that's impossible. XD Also, I wanted to be a vegetarian but again it's next to impossible in my situation now. Someday....

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you should try running!

Yes, I should. Any suggestions for a newbie? Like, where ka usually mag-practice run? Open pa ba ang Abellana for runners?

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