I have no life. I am a stay-at-home gal who earns a little living from blogging and the awesomeness that is google adsense. All that while I wait for the results of the Bar Exam, which is taking fantastically slowly. So to take my mind off worrisome things, I spend some of my time fantasizing about celebrities and men that I only see on my TV screen.

One show I like to watch is American Idol Season 9. I've been following this show pretty much consistently since David Cook's time. Most of my bets end up in the top 3. This time around, I got my eyes on two guys and a girl.

1. Casey James
He is 27 and is the lead singer of his band, aptly called The Casey James Band. He's from Texas but his drawl isn't very thick. I think he's hot. Judges Victoria Beckham and Kara DiGuardi also agree. He has this whole grunge-y, outdoors-y, Kurt Cobain look to him, only prettier. But most importantly, he can really sing. Last night, he sang Bryan Adam's Heaven and it was HOT. The title was just right. Heaven's exactly how I felt watching him. lol It's official: I am in love with this guy. XD

2. Andrew Garcia
A really talented, creative guy. He's 24 from California, a stay-at-home dad who does music on occasion...but I strongly suspect that he's got Filipino blood in him. I know everybody's talking about his acoustic rendition of Paula Abdul's Straight Up but his version of Fall Out Boy's Sugar, We're Going Down last night was also just as awesome. I think he's going places, this one.

3. Siobhan Magnus
I principally like her story, not that there's much of it. The show hasn't really given her background a lot of airtime, so she comes off as mysterious and dark, which incidentally is what Simon Cowell calls her: the dark horse. I just like her because of her name (so cool) and because she's this kinda, sorta weird girl (she is a glass blowing apprentice, whatever that is) and her version of Wicked Game was only appropriate. That picture, by the way, is from her Facebook profile. There's very little about her you can find online, too. So mysterious.

Anyhoo, these are my bets. What about you? Who's the next American Idol?

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What Simon says it's true! I dunno Casey, but siobhan and andrew caught my attention way before, andrew during the auditions, and siobhan during hollywood week.

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