So yesterday, I tried my first 25-minute jog. In place. Talk about a hamster on a wheel. -_-

Why? Brown-out. So? So I had nothing better to do, nobody to talk to (I had a fight with my dog so we weren't on speaking terms....XD), nothing to watch and didn't feel like music. Oh and I'm bored with the javagames on my cellphone.

So I jogged.

It took me fifteen minutes to get my breathing right. Took me five more minutes to get my rhythm. And then at the last five minutes, I wanted to give up. You know how it feels when you're so close to your goal you can taste it but your muscles are giving up? It's always the last five minutes. Always. And always before, I'd give in and call it quits.

I've never had a lot of stamina for any manner of physical exertion. Give me a book espousing complicated psychological theories any time. I'd happily prefer pouring over it to playing sports or exercising. But last night was different. I don't know. It might have something to do with the fact that this time I set an actual goal for myself: run for 25 minutes. I don't care about the distance just yet. Even if I did, I couldn't because, as I said, I was running in place. All I wanted was to find out if I have the stamina to last that long. I did, and afterwards, I felt like I could do anything.

Also, now I AM IN PAIN.

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