Is this going to be a weekly thing? God I hope not. But I am pretty excited to see who are going to be the Top 12 and perform on theme nights.

After three weeks, my preferences have changed. Where I used to tremendously like Casey James (for his looks and his "Heaven" performance), I am now gravitating more towards Lee Dewyze, a rocker, grunge dude with an apparently interesting past.

As for Andrew Garcia, he did such a terrible, terrible thing last night with Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" that I am seriously worried he won't make the cut. But if he makes it, I am willing to give him another chance. He's probably having an off-night. Well, two off-nights in a row. But he will bounce back, given time. Problem is, time is a luxury he simply doesn't have. Eliminations is tonight. Yikes!

If Andrew doesn't make it, I'll root for Michael Lynche. I really like this guy. Great attitude, great sense of humor and great performances two nights in a row. I admit I was all WTF? when Kara DioGuardi cried in his last performance because "as a woman with no children" she was so moved. I admit Big Mike really worked the stage with that song and it was an emotional delivery, but tears? Uh, no, uhm, no.

My personal favorite is now Siobhan Magnus. I used to find her unpredictable turns fascinating but since last night, in which Simon criticized her as "weird" and thus made her an underdog in my eyes, I have become a complete fan. It's true though that Siobhan is on the side of odd. She talks as if she's in a daze, dresses in weird outfits (she once wore sneakers with a polka dot dress onstage), has quirky habits (lip drills XD) and seems to choose random, out-of-nowhere songs. But I think it's unfair for a judge to base his opinions on all of these aspects of her person when American Idol is a singing competition (or at least, it's supposed to be).

On a side note, I'm not much of a fan of the early front-runner, Crystal Bowersox. I admit, she's hella good but there's no excitement. Every night, you know what kind of music she's going to perform and you know that it's going to be good. It makes me wonder how she's going to do on theme nights. With Siobhan, it's not a serious source of worry. Girl has range. But Crystal strikes me as a niche, bluesy-jazz artist. How would she do when she is forced to get out of her comfort zone?

That said, the only Idol I really don't want to get eliminated tonight is the Magnus. She needs to stay or there will be no more point for me to watch the show.

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