Starting tomorrow, March 5 until Sunday March 7, Crunchyroll is going to STREAM FOR FREE the world-renowned works of Makoto Shinkai to celebrate Global Shinkai Day 2010. Catch the free streaming of 5cm Per Second, The Place Promised in Our Early Days and Voices of A Distant Star on said dates at Crunchyroll. Click on the image below for official details of this special promo.
For those who haven't heard of Makoto Shinkai, he is a fast-rising director/creator and is currently being hailed as the next Hayao Miyazaki. IMHO, he might not have Miyazaki's masterful storytelling, but he does have excellent vision that he is able to translate into gorgeous animation with emphasis on lighting and details and fantastic editing.

In other news, Claymore Chapter 101 is finally out. Chapter 100, which came out last month, gave us Priscilla facing Clare once again with the latter being unable to awaken for some unknown reason. Fans were all a furor over what that reason could be. Some came up with plausible theories, like the fact that Clare is only a quarter youkai because instead of absorbing a full youkai, she absorbed the Claymore Teresa who is, of course, only half-youkai. Others said that Rafaela's consciousness must have stopped her. Well, now that Chapter 101 is here, all those questions can now be put to rest but the real reason does not quite satisfy.
There is something wrong with the chapter if I keep reading "wedgie" instead of wedge. A psychological wedge? WTF?

In still another news, American Idol...
Michael Lynche (Big Mike to some) has a really great attitude and performed really well last Wednesday. Also, Lee Dewyze is kinda cute so I'm keeping my eyes on him, too. He strikes me as a little too similar to David Cook though so there's a little problem there. I mean, I'm a huge fan of David but do we want another Idol winner with similar style? I think this year, I want to see something different.

Speaking of different, Siobhan Magnus does it again, this time with Aretha Franklin's "Think." Simon called her strange ("I meant that as a compliment"), interesting and very talented. I think the video helped give the "strange" impression. Seriously, a mohawk and lip vibrations? lol Still, I wasn't really wowed by her overall performance tonight. The beginning was so-so until she started singing "freedom, freedom" and then hit that last high note. She's definitely got a good tone, an insane range and really amazing ability to belt out impossibly high notes and make it look easy, but if we're talking vocal ability here, I'd go for smooth-voiced Michelle Delamore (though her performance tonight was really bad) or the indie girl Lily Scott.

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