Lent ends today. I did not see the Sugat in our local parish. I actually woke up when the church bell rang for the mate at around 2:30a.m. but didn't get up to get ready. I was waiting for my mom to come to my room and verbally abuse me into getting up and about at that freakishly early hour. Surprisingly, she didn't so I spent the next four hours in insomnia land. I think God was punishing me in a roundabout way.

Anyhoo, I'm back in the city...to find that my inbox is filled with the usual spam and Facebook messages. No, D1ck 101, I do not want penis enlargement pills. I was born without that appendage, thankyouverymuch. And no, Abjit from India, I do not want to kindly accept your deposit of one million U.S. dollars in my name to some offshore bank in Papua New Guinea. Honestly. Facebook is...facebook. I do not know half of my friends, and haven't seen the other half in years. Oh, innernet!

Now, for some plans. The reason I don't like going back to my home province is that I get so out of the loop. No internet. No cable TV. And if I want to read a newspaper, I have to trek to my grandmother's place to read it. It's ridiculous. So I get back today and I finally find out that the oath-taking will be on the 28th and that I have to be in Manila earlier than that to get my clearance from the OBC. Crud. Plane tickets and accommodations. And what to wear, what to wear! LOL The good news is that things are only going to get more exciting from here on. Squee.

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