I took this test to find out my learning style. The result was predictable. I always knew I was a visual.

Visual Characteristics

need an overall view and purpose and are cautious until mentally clear about an issue or project
- True. Big picture first before details.

are appearance-oriented in both dress and presentation
- uhh I'm not a fashion plate but I do try to be neat. I generally don't want to make a spectacle of myself.

are neat and orderly
- generally

speak quickly
- lol yes. This is probably why I repeat myself to people all the time. A lot of them don't catch what I'm saying at first, something which I need to correct if I don't want to frustrate myself each time I talk to someone. I HATE (read that as "loathe") repeating myself and it easily shows in my tone of voice.

are good long-range planners and organisers
- Although I'm not one to follow up all my plans, I do make vague plans, one for every possible option. Organizing is kind of a secret, occasional hobby.

are observant of environmental detail
- that is not true. I am often very blind to details. It's why I never know my way back to a new place I just visited like an hour ago.

are good spellers and can actually see the words in their minds
- YES to both. Sometimes, when I'm not sure about how a certain word is spelled, I have to write it down to see if it's "right" the way it is. Visualizing the word helps me how to pronounce it.

remember what was seen, rather than heard
- lectures and speeches bore me. Unless there's something else going on (like a powerpoint presentation, etc.), I try to avoid them as much as possible.

memorize by visual association
- I can remember words from textbooks by the color of the highlighter ink used. I make flowcharts and simplified outlines and make pictures out of the words. I make my own mnemonics, organized into complete sentences so I can visualize it.

usually are not distracted by noise
- this probably explains why I have no problem listening to music while studying or reading or why I can concentrate on what I'm doing even when it's noisy. Half of the time -- make that, most of the time, I don't hear any of it.

often know what to say but can't think of the right words
- I am hopelessly inarticulate sometimes

have trouble remembering verbal instructions unless they are written down and often ask people to repeat themselves
- only to gain some time to formulate an answer but it's true about verbal instructions.

are strong, fast readers
- I am.

doodle during phone conversations and meetings
- yes and why I can't live without a pen or a pencil

forget to relay verbal messages to others
- true but not always. it depends on how important I perceive the message to be.

often answer questions with a simple yes or no
- yes because most questions are formed in such a way that a simple yes or no would do. I'm direct. I don't like to filibuster. And if you need clarification or additional info, you have to ask for it because I'm not likely to volunteer any unless I feel that you need to get the entire picture.

would rather do a demonstration than make a speech
- public speaking still scares the crap out of me.

like art more than music
- uhhh, maybe. Music takes much more effort to understand while art is undemanding.

sometimes tune out when they mean to pay attention
- hahahahah, so true during class lectures. Also, I tune out of a conversation without warning.

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