I made my first court appearance today. A pretty simple case and it was a hearing on a motion. The funny thing is, I wasn't in the least bit nervous even though I ought to have been. Maybe because today wasn't a particularly busy court day in that sala. Fewer people, lesser spectators to any bloopers I might have committed.

I was trying hard not to look too neophyte but it's impossible when there's only so many litigation lawyers in Cebu. According to one experienced lawyer acquaintance, you're bound to know, if not their names, then their faces in the long run.

Our case was the first one called and I think that from the first few words out of my mouth ("Good morning, Your Honor. I am Atty. Bleep in collaboration with Atty. Bleep and Atty. Bleep, appearing for the defendants, Your Honor."), they already figured out I was new. Old-timers no longer feel the need to introduce themselves to the court since court personnel and the judge already know them. Compound that when our case was called for the second time, since the opposing counsel was not around the first time, and I turned to my collaborating counsel and asked if I have to manifest my appearance again. Apparently, yes. XD

Anyhoo, long story short, the judge, as soon as he figured out that I was new, pretty much quizzed me on the Rules and I, who was not expecting an oral examination about defaults and judgment on the pleadings when my case was about breach of contract and compromise, pretty much alternated between making sense and making no sense at all. But, although I could've slapped myself for minor mistakes committed, I think I passed muster and learned my lesson: don't stop reading the law.


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Congrats on your first appearance in court.

I am sure you would have convincingly confused the judge when he tried to quiz you about the rules of law, that he himself would have gone back home and read the 'rules of law' at midnight. :)

Approval for a comment in blog? You are now completely transformed into a lawyer now protecting any breach on your blog page. :)

And yeah, on court, you need to be more arrogant and voracious in the court. The judge will be mightily impressed. :)

You did it the right way there is no need to panic at all, if one is going for first appearance in court than generally there are a lot of worries in the mind but one thing to be remembered is that innocent will never be punished. You will be asked simple questions in court that can be answered in yes and no. you can also apply for the bail by conforming to court laws this might be helpful http://stuarthanlonlaw.com/blog/the-arraignment/

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