I'm teaching now, part-timing teaching college students about the simple intricacies of the law, as well as practicing my profession. More on that later. It goes without saying that I've been busy and have little time to blog or pursue any creative and/or leisure projects at the moment. In fact, I have these...shows that I'm excited about watching, just sitting in my hard drive. But tomorrow's a holiday -- EDSA, the original. I don't have a recollection about the event. I was an EDSA baby but the operative word is "baby." I wasn't yet...err, sentient when the history of the Filipinos wrote itself. All I really know about this great historical happening is what I've read from books and what my brothers and sister tell me about their memories. Second-hand information and I am already so detached. So tomorrow....TV will be so full of P.Noy and Cory and EDSA tributes. Eh. I'll be on my computer, watching my shows.


Black Lagoon OVA: Roberta's Blood Trail 1-3

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