Say it with me: KETCHUP!

It's going to be June soon. God, time sure flies. And I've decided over the summer that I'm going to be a full-time teacher at the university I taught in last semester. Everything's been set and I've been given two loads (subjects) already but I've asked for only afternoon classes as I need my mornings free for court hearings.

By June, I should have more subjects assigned to me. I'll need to start preparing my lesson plans again. The great thing about law subjects is that there is really only one effective approach: Socratic. My only problem now is how to arrange the various topics into one logical, coherent structure that's simple enough to grasp easily but complex enough to encompass the nuances of the law. Not an easy task.

That said, in these last few weeks of freedom (lolwut), I'm playing catch up with all my unnecessary shit. Pardon the French. I call all my non-work related stuff by the collective term of shit. Last night, I just finished watching The Good Wife Season 2. Never a more satisfying show. It was for the most part an excellent season. Perhaps not as solid as Season 1 but still pretty great. I can hardly wait for Season 3.

HBO's Game of Thrones is still underway and it's getting to be very interesting. Camelot, as it turns out, is a bit of a disappointment. I don't know how long I can stick to it. It's really falling short of expectations. The series' tagline is this: Forget all that you know. That sort of makes you expect something totally different and untried. But, no. Apart from some clever twists on Excalibur and the sword-pulling scene and the fact that Merlin is now a skinhead with a political agenda, it's same ol' same ol' For quality fantasy television, I'm much better off with Game of Thrones, which, despite its setting and title, is really the least magical fantasy stories ever. That makes it even better.

In the meantime, I'll be celebrating my birthday next week. Well, perhaps celebrate is not an apt word because that connotes some kind of party or whatever. I keep my personal events simple, nothing flashy, and I prefer to spend them with my family. Yes, I am that boring.

Moving on. I'm thinking of buying a car. I've had my eye on a chevy for some time now but I've been asking friends to help me look for good alternatives, too. In any case, I'm definitely buying one this June. I'm also going to take formal driving lessons because the last time I was behind the wheel I was thirteen and I'm pretty sure it isn't like "riding a bicycle" where somehow it'll just come back to you. I need lessons and I need it quick because just the other day I had to attend a hearing in a court located more than a hundred kilometers away. I had to wake up really early to make it to the 8:30 hearing and take the bus (3 hours ride). Let's just say, it was not ideal. I need a car, dammit.

In other news, last week was our town fiesta and I went home, bringing with me tons of movies, thinking that I'll have the entire long weekend to myself just movie-binging. Only to discover that my mother intended to make a kitchen slave out of me. And the funny thing is that I'm not even a particularly good cook. So there I was, cooking stuff and getting occasionally interrupted by clients, and thinking, "why, god, why?"

And then my brother brings me this dude who rents one of our apartment units and this dude turns out to be a complete anime otaku. I must admit, I do like my anime (it saved my sanity more than once while I was in law school and while I was reviewing for the bar exam) but it's just something that I watch, not something I would want to talk about endlessly and comprehensively. What's the point? I like anime and you like anime. Good. Consider that settled until further notice. Let's not waste time affirming and re-affirming the same point over and over. If there's one thing I hate in the entire world, it's redundancy.

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