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Shit, the hell is wrong with Facebook? I can't access it for some reason and I desperately needed to post this. People are loving The Hunger Games. It says so here from ONTD.

I am super excited about this movie now. I can hardly wait. The anticipation is killing me. So much that I am spouting every cliche people utter in these moments.

Liam Hemsworth is exactly what I imagine Gale would look like. He's just so handsome. I am not totally sold on Josh Hutcherson as Peeta but we'll see. And Jennifer Lawrence...as soon as I saw Winter's Bone, I finally get it, why she got the role.

God, I hope my expectations are met about this movie. Because I will never be able to live it down if the movie sucks. But so far, the consensus is that The Hunger Games is a scifi classic. Well and good. Now, March 23 dammit! Come on!

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