I bought this book on October 22, 2014 in Mall of Asia in Manila when I was there to get my US visa. I took the interview at the US embassy with my parents and was approved along with them for multiple entry valid for 10 years.

The interview was on October 20, 2014, a Monday. That was supposed to be the day I work full time for my previous firm. But I asked beforehand to get the day off for the aforementioned visa interview.

While we were there, the boss called and asked me to attend a mediation-conciliation conference before the RAB IV in Calamba, Laguna. So I stayed in Manila for a couple of days while my parents went on and took a flight back to Cebu. I stayed in the boss' condo in BGC, where I felt like I was in prison. You see, I hadn't meant to stay an extra two days and hadn't expected that I would be required to work. I did not bring my laptop, just my iPad which is pretty useless for writing contracts. Besides, the condo had no internet connection and I had to stay at Starbucks for the duration in order to work. I was grateful for my brother, who kept me company and allowed me to use his cellphone as a wifi hotspot.

Anyway, I bought this book when I was on my way home. After Calamba and while waiting for my flight back to Cebu, I hung out at MOA and found myself meandering towards National Bookstore where I bought this book.

Today, I'm finally getting around to reading it. I'm still only a few chapters in and already the book is offering a fascinating look into Rizal's life and the way life in the Philippines went during his time. This is stuff you don't learn in Rizal's Life and Works in college.

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