It's been a whirlwind of a year. Started out good with a job doing what I love, a mentor I thought I could look up to, younger associates I could teach and share knowledge with, a supportive relationship. Granted I put my own practice, family and friendships on hold for my job -- I was doing alright financially.

Then in March, it started falling apart. One by one, my co-workers left. I think I was numb that entire time. When my S.O. came to visit, I took a week off. In retrospect, that helped a lot. But I couldn't get back to work. That's a testament to who much I loved the work because it was unbearably lonely in that office by myself. Most of the time I could tune it out when I'm focused on the work, but there are moments when I feel it. And the stress was getting to me. I was getting back aches and hyperacidity like every week. Add to that the change in the work dynamic and by the time May hit, my mindset was that I'm not leaving yet. The keyword of course is "yet." I knew back then that I wasn't going to stay on.

Long story short, I left. It was a hard two months of uncertainty, of not knowing what to do. I looked for another job, another organization, but it was too late in the year and I didn't find anything that fit me. I had to shift my focus. Solo practice it is.

It's scary. I'm in a financially scary place. But I have a lot of things to look forward to next year. My time is mine. I am not beholden to anyone.

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