This arrived in a box last week. An early Christmas gift from my sister. LOVE IT!~

I've heard of this manga back when I still read manga voraciously. Lone Wolf & Cub always tops the list of best mangas out there. But it isn't available as a scanlation so I never got to read it. (Yes, I read most of mangas as scanlations. Sorry, I'm poor. I do buy mangas when they're available at BookSale but they ran out of the good ones.)

So this is great. I'm starting to read the first volume. Man, these things are thick.

The drawings are really good and I love the stories. I enjoy the Edo period. One of my favorite mangas is Blade of the Immortal and that one's pure Edo. Lone Wolf & Cub is said to be more accurate in its portrayal of the customs of the time period though. :)

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