Today was supposed to be the day I went canyoneering in Alegria with a bunch of my cousins. I was so ready. I had my water shoes, water-proof pouch for my iPhone, extra clothes.... Then as I was charging my phone, I decided to check Facebook and one of the notifications was from IBP announcing that the executive judge was conditionally accepting petitions for renewal of notarial commission even without an OBC clearance yet. Provided, the OBC clearance is submitted before January 16, 2016.

I was resigned to filing a new application for notarial commission because I thought I'd never get my OBC clearance in time. But this changed everything and I dropped my canyoneering plans to go to the city immediately and file my petition. Court was only open for half a day. Afterwards, I just went straight to the bus terminal and take the next bus home.

And the funny thing is that just now our office manager emailed me my OBC clearance. Ha-ha.

There was a time when I would have ignored the notification from IBP and went ahead with canyoneering with my cousins. There was a time when I would have dragged my feet, making a decision. But I didn't today. There was only one choice to make and I made it. I have my priorities straight.

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