You can't just go around saying that you're only saying the truth. You can't go out there and say you only said it because it's true or because it's what you know. Because the moment you say something -- the moment those words are out of your mouth and in the space between your breaths -- it is sound. And it propagates a pressure wave through a medium of particles into hearts and souls.

It creates an effect.

Something happens. And your words caused it. Your truth caused it. You could hurt someone with your truth. You may not know exactly how but it's the same way your words can make someone feel joy.

You need to understand that your words mean something, many different things to many different people. So you need to be careful before you say anything. You need to make sure that your words reflect your intention. And you don't stop there, you don't. After that first letter falls out of your lips, be responsible for the consequence. For your words can bring people to their knees. Words destroy.

So the next time you say your truth, think about that.

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