Last April 8-10, the company went out for some much deserved break. This year, they decided to hold the company outing at Hagnaya Beach Resort and Restaurant in San Remegio, Cebu. The place is excellent. Although the beach isn't great (the sand isn't white and it's kinda muddy because it's a mangrove area), the resort doesn't lack facilities. The pool is fantastic with slides, floaters, mini pools, a poolside bar. The restaurant serves buffet breakfast and lunch (and I think dinner also). So many function rooms and you can have a choice between air-conditioned function rooms or open air (by the sea). There's like a play area with a billiards table and a ping pong table, a basketball court, the whole shebang. And we had free use of all facilities. There's even kayaking and boat riding but I didn't get to do those because it was too hot. Come to think of it. I didn't get to do much of anything. Not even go into the pool. I ate and slept and talked and ate and slept.... so relaxing. :D

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