Got a text last night from my friend, inviting me to a special screening of X-MEN: Apocalypse at the Director's Club, SM Seaside City. The event was hosted by Aboitiz Land for its media friends and open to their friends and family, too. So that's how I got in.

It was my first time at the Director's Club. Nice and comfy and exclusive. The seats were nice. The footrest for my rest was broken though. Someone super heavy must have abused it.

As for the movie itself, very good. I wasn't disappointed by the powers of the new mutants: Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Psylocke and Night Crawler. The story itself isn't that great. Of course, they had to kill Erik's family again and, of course, that makes him bad again. But then, of course, Charles manages to bring him back. Of course, Jean Grey turns into the Phoenix although I must admit I loved that part.

I missed Rogue though. In the cartoons, Rogue was a very important character in the Apocalypse storyline. I don't know about the comics. I would have wanted her to be in this storyline, too.

I think I saw Jubilee. She had speaking lines but didn't manifest any powers.

The Xavier School is really getting populated and looking more and more like the mutant school from the comics.
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