Maybe it's just me but I never fail to enjoy teasing my 5-year-old nephew, Thirdy.

ME: Titi.

(NOTE: titi is an old Visayan term for "older brother;" it's barely used these days)

THIRDY: Dili Titi! (I'm not Titi!)

ME: Ingon ba diay ko ikaw Titi? (Was I referring to you?)

THIRDY: Kinsa Titi? (Then who is Titi?)

ME: Ikaw. (You.)

Sometimes, the teasing would take the form of:

ME: Bye, Titi!

THIRDY: Dili Titi!

ME: Aw di diay? Kinsa diay ka? (No? Then who are you?)

THIRDY: Spider-man.

ME: Bye, Titi Spider-man.

And chaos ensues. XD Ah kids. They're cute and all but I prefer to keep them at armslength while teasing them mercilessly.

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