Well, maybe a ninja in a gothic lolita outfit tonight. And sings Rolling Stones with dramatic flair and panache. Either way, it all boils down to: I love her. I really, really want Siobhan Magnus to win American Idol this season. Don't fail me, America!

Actually, when you look at the Top 12 (Lilly Scott! I wanna make a sad face), the competition is down to only two contestants: Siobhan and Crystal Bowersox....and between them, Siobhan is the more exciting performer. Also before Kara pointed it out tonight, people have actually been calling Siobhan the female Adam Lambert. I get the comparison but I like to think that the Magnus is less outrageous than Adam. Plus, Adam didn't win Idol last year. I want the Magnus to bring it this year.

p.s. Thank god for make-overs. XD

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