I woke up way too early today to make much sense. I have never been so tired in my life. Elections 2010 is over...almost over? I have no idea. I have no TV. Internet tells me it's a Noybi victory. As for the local provincial arena, reelectionists Gwen Garcia and Greg Sanchez say hello to their august offices once more.

Except for Sanchez, I wouldn't vote any of these candidates. However, it's beside the point now as I never got to vote. WHAT?! Yes, yes. Sue me. I failed to exercise my right and privilege. Not that I don't have a valid reason. I served as part of the legal panel for the Liberal Party and election lawyer for a local municipal candidate. You read me right. Liberal Party. This was a professional engagement. Nothing to do with personal choices at all.

Anyway, I didn't register for local Absentee Voting because I thought I could vote, considering that the town I was assigned to was only about fifteen minutes away. As it turned out, not an hour passed without some issue or other that needed to be followed up and confirmed. Ah, but it was an experience.

Speaking of experiences, before I reported for my assignment, I was in Boracay for a few days with my family. My sister just came back from the US for the first time in six years and we were celebrating. Actually, they're in Camiguin right now, enjoying the sun and water. I couldn't go, because work. In Bora, I got to try helmet diving, which was a hilarious experience. At least, for my companions, who found all the humor at my expense. See. This is why I'll never try scuba diving. I'd rather go bungee jumping than expose myself to underwater pressure.

Some pictures....

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