Welcome to my home office!

So after like a month of deciding, moving furniture and adding accents here and there, it's finally finished. I must say, I like the overall result. And I'm glad I didn't do anything drastic like buy that super expensive printer, shelf, table and chair set for P30k. It turned out I didn't need any of it because the glass table does just as well as an office table and I transferred my, uhh, pirated books to my room, away from public view.

Yes, those were books I bought with my hard-earned money while still a law student. But I can't honestly face my clients with that poor man's collection of law books. So to the attic with you, my children.

I bought a cheaper printer unit by Brother that will serve its purpose for now.

Work is slow for now. It's why I'm also actively job hunting to help cover my daily expenses. More about my job hunting experiences later. But, yes, welcome to my home office. :)

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