But given that Christmas week is just around the corner, and I've got so much to be grateful for and more to look forward to in the next year, I want to savor this moment and enjoy the quiet with some good company, good food and good books/movies.


  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I mean seriously. I haven't watched it yet but I read spoilers. I know who dies at the end. I'm watching it hopefully on Monday or on Tuesday. I wanna avoid the weekend because crowd be crazy. And my parents are coming with mehhh! Yeah senior citizen discount!!!

  • Carol

Cate Blanchett. That is all. I am very excited about this movie. Of course, there's no way this is gonna be shown here but who knows. It's got a lot of Oscar buzz. Both stars in the movie are campaigning for Oscar statuettes so that's a definite marketing pull.

  • Crimson Peak

Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska in the same movie together? Directed by Guillermo del Toro? Hell yeah. Mia hasn't had a good role since Jane Eyre, I think. Madame Bovary was...not good. She played it in her usual understated style but I felt like the character should have been...more. I read reviews about this movie that Jessica steals every scene with her character, but Mia does hold her own and the picture is supposed to be very good. So I'm going to watch it.

  • Brooklyn

This is a romance set in New York during the immigration of the Irish. Saoirse Ronan plays the lead character. She's amazing.

  • MacBeth

Michael Fassbender stars as the titular character whose ambition catapults him to the throne and brings on his downfall. Marion Cotillard stars as Lady MacBeth.


  • The First Filipino

Plodding through this. Don't get me wrong. I find it fascinating but for some reason I find it hard to pay attention to it. But I'm definitely gonna finish this one before the year ends.

  • The God of Small Things

I found this one at Book Sale. Before that, I had this in ebook form but I never got around to reading it. I prefer the hard copy anyway. I love the smell of paper.

  • The Prophet

I like Kahlil Gibran and I gotta start reading more of his works.

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